Why is Personal Branding so Important for Executives?

The best way to secure your next CEO position, Board appointment or Entrepreneurial role, is to amplify your influence with an authentic Personal Brand.

Your Executive Personal Brand is your public image and reputation. To achieve your goals, your leadership communication and reputation must be clear, consistent, authentic and congruent. And most of all, engaging.

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Building Your Personal Brand: Authentic and KPI Driven.

We build your authoritative Personal Brand builds through quality search-driven communications, content and design. We build your trusted reputation with integrity, not vanity; with metrics, not guesswork. Work with us and get:

Personal Branding

We finely craft your message: who and what you are. Your ‘why’.

Personal Brand

We advise on your website direction. We can build your site as well.

Personal Branding

We visually style your look with stunning imagery and photography.

Content Marketing

We devise a strong SEO-driven Content Strategy to build authority.

Social Media

We create a social media strategy to build your tribe and engage them.


We train you how to do media interviews with confidence.

Vim + Zest is the Leading Personal Branding Company with a Specialist, Full-Service Team.
Branding Yourself with Strong Support.

Our Executive Personal Branding program is designed with our unique, proven methodology.  Whilst our framework is fixed, the (approximate) 6-week program delivery is personalised with options to suit you: flexible timeframes, time zones and location. After the Personal Brand Strategy is complete, we can do full campaign implementation.

International in focus, you can work with us online or in Byron Bay (Australia) or we come to you. Our level of confidentiality, due diligence and care is unsurpassed.

Lachlan Wilson: a talented Project Director for mega-projects.

On the completion of his Personal Brand strategy and website launch, he accepted a lucrative new position.

"The personal branding process has provided me with three fantastic opportunities and the ability to pick the best one!! I have taken a role with a global consulting business. You guys have given me the tools to do amazing things."

Lachlan Wilson - Project Management Leader


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