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Personal Branding – For Leadership Excellence

You’re accelerating your next career move and need to build your Personal Brand. You’re upgrading your CEO position, or you’ve got a new Board appointment in sight? When you find the best way to connect with your audience, your leadership excellence shines through. You build influence and authority with your strong, authentic Personal Brand.

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Why is Personal Branding important?

Your Personal Brand is your public image. It’s how your audience perceives you. It’s your reputation. To achieve your executive goals, your leadership communication and reputation must be clear, consistent, authentic and congruent. And most of all, engaging.


Your strong Personal Brand showcases your values through brilliant story-telling. It interweaves your personal power story with your professional achievements. When your audience resonates with your authentic values, you easily build trust with them. Your audience is discerning and well-informed, so we work to amplify your reputation with integrity, not vanity.


Your strong Personal Brand is strategically based on the topics specific to your industry and what’s trending online. Your Personal Branding Strategy is based on a strong media and online Content Plan. In this way, we build your authority position because you’re engaging with the right topics, through the best channels


To gain your audience’s trust in an authentic Personal Brand will involve a degree of curated personal revelation. We support you to gain more confidence so that you can comfortably build your public profile, without fear that any ‘inner imposter’ will rear its head and sabotage your important messages.

People don’t connect with companies, they connect with the people in front of them. Be one of these people.

Building your personal brand


Personal Branding

We devise your Personal Branding Statement and messaging.


Personal Brand

We detail SEO recommendations for your website and online presence.


Personal Branding

We visually style your image with a moodboard guide and visual direction.


Content Marketing

We devise a strong SEO-driven Content Strategy to amplify your online presence.


Social Media

We create a social media strategy for authentic tribe-building and engagement.



We train you in how to do winning media interviews with confidence.

Branding Yourself Builds Your Business Brand
Drive Strategic Growth:
The Brand Spiral

Your Personal Brand will build the brand of your business.
Your accelerated business brand boosts your Personal Brand.
It’s a win-win Brand Spiral.

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Working with Trudy Johnston has been a top shelf experience. Trudy and her team are warm, professional, and impeccable in all their dealings – a class act. Trudy is the benchmark!



A Strong Authentic Personal Brand Identity:
Clear Deliverables and KPIs
International Leaders: Best in Class Personal Branding Companies

Vim + Zest’s proven 6 Step Personal Branding Methodology works.
Receive the benefits of a Director with 25 years of senior media and PR experience and a team of Senior Designers and Digital Managers. Work with an internationally specialist Personal Branding Company.

  • 01. Research and Strategy Development
  • 02. Buyer Personas and Competitor Analysis
  • 03. Keywords and SEO metrics
  • 04. Messaging, Content and Social Strategy
  • 05. Imagery and Visual Style
  • 06. Biography and Power Story

Be yourself. Perform stronger. Grow your world.

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