How to Build Your Personal Brand.

Creating a Personal Brand is essential for your new (or young) enterprise to grow and thrive. When you’re busy juggling your services with cashflow, social posting and web development, you need your profile boosted in a manageable way. You’re in the right place. We’re the Personal Branding specialists to help you. 

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How to Build A Personal Brand: Foundations and Amplification.

Vim + Zest’s Personal Branding for Starters is a proven program that works. We support you to build your Personal Brand foundations for long term benefit. 


We guide you to build your foundations by identifying your top three target markets with audience insights.


Through the latest data-systems, we support you to define your Profile (who and what you are, your WHY) and Key Messages.


We provide a Social Media and Content Plan template to enable you to develop your Personal Brand.

Using Data to Determine Your Personal Brand Foundations
Personal Branding for Starters is a proven program that works.

With our Starter package, you get our top 6 recommendations, based on data-analysis from website and social media audits. After our initial questionnaire, we research your opportunities and send you the recommendations. We then workshop these with you in a personalised online mentoring session.

Senior-skilled and Internationally Experienced to Benefit Starters.

After 25 continuous years of international media, PR and Personal Branding experience, including teaching at Masters level at University, we know how to build authentic profiles.

"Working with Trudy and the Vim + Zest team has possibly been the best thing that has ever happened to my business. After feeling really lost with what my brand was and not knowing how I could scale it, I now know exactly what I need to do and where I am headed."

Pia Therese - The Real Body Coach

"I got a lot out of it... and wow Trudy’s brain... if only I was that fast!"

Belinda Randall, The Organic Cook

Personal Brand for Starters.

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