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Heydons Lawyers & Attorneys
Heydons Lawyers & Attorneys prides itself on being an approachable local law firm, offering personalised care and professional advice to all their clients. They give their clients accurate, professional advice that helps them best navigate change in their lives.
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A new website and logo that reflected the firm’s legal expertise and longevity and made the legal process more approachable for clients.

The brief was to present Heydons Lawyers according to its core values of diligence in legal processes, strong outcomes, excellence in client care, as well as the firm’s strong ability to guide its clients through processes of change.


We created a new search-driven client-friendly website with contemporary design that positioned the firm strongly as a key pillar of the Byron community. The compelling yet clear SEO copy delivered the Heydons’ core messages effectively, supported by simple navigation that makes the next steps simple for a user to navigate.


A website that set a benchmark for law firms with its customer centricity.

Heydons Lawyers printed logo on textured paper
Thank you so much for the wonderful work and great web design!
Brad Heydon - Heydons Lawyers & Attorneys