Lachlan Wilson

Project Management Leader
Lachlan Wilson
Lachlan Wilson’s natural genius lies in simplifying project complexity and supporting individual people’s leadership through their mastery of systemic processes. He’s engaged to deliver project support and outcomes, across 6 sectors and for Australia’s largest infrastructure and telecommunications projects.
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A Personal Branding Strategy and campaign, complete with logo, photography, a new website that articulates Lachlan’s senior level Project Management skill, experience and expertise.


We intensively workshopped Lachlan’s Personal Brand with him, created a visual communication strategy for him, built a stunning new search-driven website that positioned him as a leader in his field. The key messages and SEO-informed website copy speaks to both a specialist and layperson audience, across multiple industry sets.


The attainment of a career goal where Lachlan secured 3 roles, one of which he took and a website that sets a benchmark for an approachable, authoritative leader in a highly competitive arena.

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Ran an event tonight with a large audience, really well received. Thank you for all your help over the last couple of months.
Lachlan Wilson - Project Management Leader