Nicole Bijlsma

Healthy Home, Healthy Family
Nicole Bijlsma
Nicole was a former naturopath and acupuncturist with 15 years of clinical experience who changed her career pathway to become a building biologist after noticing a strong correlation with many of her patients’ illnesses and health hazards in their home. Nicole is the author of the best seller Healthy Home, Healthy Family, founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies is currently completing her PhD.
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Nicole Bijlsmas book ‘Healthy Home Healthy Family’
Herald Sun web article about Nicole Bijlsma

In 2011 she released Healthy Home, Healthy Family (now in its 3rd addition) to educate people so they can make informed choices about the products they use and reduce exposure to hazards in the home.


Our targeted publicity campaign strategy focused on the specific ways people could make their homes less hazardous, rather than announcing the release of the book itself.

We took the hot topics of BPA plastics, mobile phones and electro-magnetic frequencies, smart-meters and pregnancy hazards to make our story relevant to everyday people. Media were responsive to the informed and practical perspective we offered.


Nicole Bijlsma has become a Thought Leader for how to have a ‘healthy home’ and minimise hazards in the home. We couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

Our campaign was a stellar success. Nicole is now a media authority with over 20 television interviews – Sunrise, The Morning Show and The Project; she is a columnist for Body + Soul (print readership – 6 million people per week, online – over 1 million per month).…

It was wonderful to work with Trudy… Being interviewed on every major television network, having a column in a major newspaper that is syndicated & the opportunity to speak around the country about healthy homes has way exceeded my expectations.
Nicole Bijlsma